Before our first meeting I will discuss with you what you are envisioning for your portrait. I will ask you to think about the setting, clothing, and feeling you'd like to see come to life in your painting. After our initial contact, and at your convenience, I will spend time with my subject(s) and take many, many photos. I work from my own photographs. I find this to be crucial in capturing those special qualities that I'm creating with my paint and brush. 

All photos are kept in strict confidence and are for my use only to create your piece of artwork. There is no charge for this photo session. This is part of the price of the commissioned piece. If, however, the portrait commission is terminated, and you would like your photographs returned, there will be a fee of $50 for my time and materials, and the photos shall be returned to you on a CD.

 After I have gone through all the pictures, I will email you a few that I believe will be the basis for a beautiful painting.  After you decide on which pose you would like for me to paint, I will begin to work on your portrait.  

The time it takes for a painting to be finished needs to be determined on a case by case basis.  The size, number of subjects, and detail involved all contribute to how long the piece will take to finish. This can be anywhere from two weeks to two months.  My goal is to present to my client an heirloom that will meet with their highest standards.